Effective study for students with learning disabilities

A method in ten sessions

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 21x29,7

Pages: 320

ISBN: 978-88-6137-970-1

Publication date: 01/01/2012

Suitable for: Lower secondary 1st level (ages 10-11), Lower secondary 2nd level (ages 12-13), Upper secondary 1st level (ages 14-16), Upper secondary 2nd level (ages 17-19)


This method is the follow-up to best selling Learn how to study. The book applies the methods described in the previous one to students with learning disabilities. The aim is to teach students how to develop the skills that they need to compensate the difficulties created by the learning disabilities. The course is articulated in ten sessions that aim at developing specific skills: time control, diary keeping, note taking, text book study, reviewing, test taking strategies, anxiety management, and compensative tools.

Students with special needs can benefit from a personalized program adapted to their specificities. The book is written in a special font particularly suitable to students with learning disabilities and some of the contents are presented as comics.

At the end of each unit students are asked to comment upon the usefulness of the activity, to suggest ways to re-enforce the learning process, and to indicate on a scale the perceived level of efficacy of the activities.

The program
Attachment 1: Questionnaire for teachers
Attachment 2: Questionnaire for parents
Attachment 3: Interview on the student’s habits
Attachment 4: Questionnaire on the learning method (short form)


1° session – How can I improve my learning method?
2° session – Organisation 1: time control
3° session – Organisation 2: diary keeping
4° session – Taking notes during lessons
5° session – Text book studying 1
6° session – Text book studying 2
7° session – Planning the review
8° session – Taking different types of test
9° session – Managing anxiety
10° session – Compensative tools