Educational and didactics - Methods and theories

Motor and visuo-spatial difficulties at school

The series “The Guides” was born from the experience of the Erickson Study Center with the aim ...

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Metacognitive Training for Intellectual Disabilities

Alessandro Antonietti, Silvia Celentano

Many daily actions, like taking the bus, following street directions, or getting ready to complete a ...

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The Individualized Educational Program – Life Project – Vol. 1

Dario Ianes, Sofia Cramerotti

The definition of individualized educational-didactic paths capable of giving an effective response ...

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Teaching Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Giorgia Pelagatti, Francesca Cottone

This book presents educational materials for children with Generalized Developmental Disorders - but ...

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From the leading experts in the sector, thanks to its technical and practical layout, the Sensory ...

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SEN at school

The «Guides» series was created by Centro Studi Erickson with the aim of providing teachers with a ...

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Intellectual disability at school

Result of the work of the greatest experts in the field, thanks to its practical and theoretical ...

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The Line of 20 – Version for the visually impaired and blind students

Camillo Bortolato, Maria Clarice Bracci

The Line of 20 is finally accessible to visually impaired and blind students! ...

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Autism at school

This book provides teachers with an exhaustive framework of the characteristics peculiar to the ...

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Educating in reasoning

Pier Luigi Baldi

This book offers a new, revised and extended edition of an original programme aimed at stimulating ...

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A special normality

Dario Ianes

If we want to achieve a greater school integration for children with disabilities and realize the ...

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