Communication and relationships

Intervention for socio-relational difficulties

Irene Cristina Mammarella, Andrea Canevaro, Chiara Salviato

A complete and well structured programme to help children and young people with socio-relational ...

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The Inclusive Nursery School and Children with Disabilities

Daniela Bulgarelli

A text on the topic of children with disabilities at nursery school which responds to the need for ...

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Communication disorders

Luigi Marotta, Giovanni Valeri

Communication disorders, which can manifest in various different ways, in isolation or comorbidity, ...

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Creativity workshops for autism

Stefania Molteni, Eleonora Farina

Creativity and autism are two terms which are often perceived as distant from one another. Yet ...

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Training socio-pragmatic skills

Sara Rosati, Norma Urbinati

For those working in the field of child and adolescent language disorders, and more generally ...

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Alessia Farinella

The relationship between siblings is, among all human relations, one of the most intense; it is a ...

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Music, Movies And Pizza: Let’s Have Fun Together

Anna Contardi, Monica Berarducci

The sixth volume of the series Workshops for Autonomies is aimed at young people and adolescents ...

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Stories with AAC 3

Roberto Introzzi, Laura Costanzi, Chiara Anna Conti, Claudia Denti, MariaCristina Ungari, Elena Magni

Stories with AAC 3 is a collection containing three IN-books with the same number of short and ...

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Intellectual disability at school

Result of the work of the greatest experts in the field, thanks to its practical and theoretical ...

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Stories with AAC 2

Luca Fumagalli, Elisabetta Reicher, Paolo Tatavitto, Junglelink

Stories with AAC 2 is a box set of three IN-books with three short and simple — but at the same ...

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Stories with AAC1

Luca Fumagalli, Elisabetta Reicher, Paolo Tatavitto, Junglelink

Stories with AAC1 is a kit of three IN-books with as many short and simple color illustrated ...

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Through a father’s eyes

Igor Salomone

A man struggling with one of the most difficult roles in today’s world. A professional of ...

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Autism and music

Cristina Meini, Giorgio Guiot, Maria Teresa Sindelar

Based on a precise description of nature of human mind and on a rigorous analysis of the ...

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Making up stories and books with AAC

Maria Antonella Costantino

Research on cognitive, linguistic and emotional development has shown that learning through ...

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