Workshop to increase attention (CD-ROM)

Games and activities for kindergarten

Product: Software

ISBN: 978-88-590-0036-5

Publication date: 01/05/2012

Suitable for: Nursery 2nd Level (ages 4-5)


The software, designed for children in their last year of nursery school (5 years of age), contains nine sections of exercises of increasing difficulty presented in a playful light, aimed at developing attention and self-regulation skills. The CD-ROM is set in a park, where the friendly duck Rino takes children on a journey of discovery of a number of fun, original games.
The activities contained in the programme encourage stimulation of the attentive resources and cognitive abilities involved in learning. At the end of each section of exercises Rino the duck will award the child with an item which goes on to make up the final prize (a puzzle).
The sections cover building body schema (greater awareness of one’s own body), signals governing adaptation to social environment (rules, behavioural norms), time (the passing of time), selective attention (selection of stimuli), focused attention (greater concentration on the activity and on stimuli), sustained attention (lengthening attention) and divided attention (sharing attention over more than one front), planning (investigative schema for problem-solving, connections) and logical time sequence (putting in order, logical correspondences, sequence and cause and effect actions).


There is also a complementary book available: Workshop to increase attention.

- Me and the others
- It's so nice to be together!
- Measuring time
- Listen, look, find!
- Find the mistakes
- Attention, little duck!
- Eyes of a lynx
- The farm
- So many stories

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