How to self-regulate attention (Full KIT: CD-ROM + book)

Activities on vigilance, inhibition, working memory, controlling interferences and cognitive flexibility

Product: Software

ISBN: 978-88-590-0295-6

Publication date: 01/06/2013

Suitable for: Primary 2nd level (ages 8-10), Lower secondary 1st level (ages 10-11), Lower secondary 2nd level (ages 12-13)


Attention is a cognitive function necessary to execute all our daily activities, both at school and out of school. Over the last few years the complexity level of cognitive experiences the children do and their own leisure activities (such as videogames) have become much richer and more varied from a sensory point of view, so children are involved in activities which are intrinsically motivating but require less cognitive effort and a shorter attention span.

This CD-ROM is meant to help children aged 8 to 12 to self-regulate their attention spans by exerting a conscious effort in doing a series of cognitive activities. The CD-ROM contains:

an initial test to check starting ability

–  a training program focused on building and development divided into 5 areas: vigilance, inhibition, working memory, controlling interferences and cognitive flexibility.
The programme contains around 50 different activities with visual and auditory stimuli. Children are led by an entertaining samurai who provides instructions and encourages them to pay attention and work fast.

In the guide section teachers and psychologists can check correct answers, mistakes, missing answers and average response times for each exercise.

THE BOOK contains a brief overview of the cognitive functions the training focuses on. It also contains a practical guide on using the programme, with explanations of each single activity and instructions for use.

- Initial and final test: horn’s test
- 5 areas of the programme: vigilance, inhibition, working memory, controlling interferences and cognitive flexibility.
- 50 different activities with visual and auditory stimuli

- Inhibition
- Working memory
- Cognitive flexibility
- Vigilance
- Computer training to exercise attention and operative functions
- Horn’s test
- Guide

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