Making inferences

Stories and activities for improving text comprehension

Product: Book

ISBN: 978-88-590-1782-0

Publication date: 01/01/2019

Suitable for: Primary 2nd level (ages 8-10)


The ability to make inferences is a crucial aspect for the comprehension of texts, through which the reader anticipates details not explicitly expressed and builds a mental representation of the content.  This volume stems from the need for an instrument to strengthen inferential processes through targeted training, to ensure that children who experience difficulties in understanding become more and more skilled in the correct interpretation of a story.
The book contains 18 stories, in order of increasing difficulty, proposed in three modes of administration: cohesive text with illustrations and title, ambiguous text with illustrations and title, ambiguous text without illustrations and title.  At the end of each reading the child will be asked questions that focus on:

  • memory (recalling details);
  • detection (confirming or negating the reader’s expectations);
  • inference of an object (the role that the object had in causing the conclusion);
  • inference of intention (the change in the plans of the protagonist of the story);
  • self-assessment (the perception of one’s level of comprehension of the text);
  • cognitive flexibility (the possible resolution of inconsistency as an alternative to that adopted previously).

Making inferences was designed to help children in the second cycle of primary school who have difficulty understanding the text, or who have a specific learning disability.

Towards the understanding of the text: comparison models
The role of images in text comprehension
The program and the structure of the work

Difficulty 1
Story 1 –The washing machine
Story 2 – The supermarket
Story 3 – The computer
Story 4 – The automobile
Story 5 – The gym
Story 6 – The school
Difficulty 2
Story 7 – The ice-cream
Story 8 – The television
Story 9 – The apple pie
Story 10 – The lake
Story 11 – The hot milk
Story 12 – The omelette
Difficulty 3
Story 13 – The birthday
Story 14 – The doll
Story 15 – The walk to the market
Story 16 – A Sunday afternoon
Story 17 – The promotion
Story 18 – A surprise for mommy