Functional analysis of behaviour

Principles, methods and techniques

Product: Book

ISBN: 978-88-590-1344-0

Publication date: 01/09/2017


In everyday life and at work, parents, teachers and operators find themselves facing behavioural problems which are difficult to handle, children and adults who present a constellation and complexity of inadequate behaviours that fuel pessimistic experiences of frustration and resignation. Functional assessment plays a fundamental role in overcoming this impasse, as it investigates the causal processes underlying learning and the maintenance of a behaviour, identifying the function it assumes for the individual. Asking «why» allows us to put the environment back into its central role of triggering, consolidating but also modifying problem behaviours and to assume an effective and individualised attitude in assessment and intervention phases.
The book illustrates the theoretical premises and applications of functional analysis, a tool which allows us to determine problem behaviours in practical terms, highlighting their structure, the variables involved and the reason behind their enactment. The book comes with a series of appendixes containing practical models for applying functional analysis.

The theoretical foundations of functional analysis of behaviour (Carlo Ricci and Peter Sturmey)

Part one: Theoretical foundations
Functional analysis of behaviour: conceptual bases
Methods of functional analysis of behaviour
Experimental assessment systems: experimental functional analysis and analogue functional analysis
Direct observation systems: descriptive functional analysis of behaviour
Indirect functional analysis of behaviour

Part two: Intervention areas and scope of application
Behavioural disorders
Emotional sphere disorders
Socio-emotional sphere disorders

Appendix A - Summary chart of types of contingency
Appendix B - Errors and correct examples of descriptive functional analysis of behaviour
Appendix C - FAIF-Functional Assessment Interview Form
Appendix D - FAST-Functional Analysis Screening Tool
Appendix E - ABC Recording form
Appendix F - Scatter plot