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Social work and welfare

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Witnessing violence, traumatic separation and multiple mistreatment

Conflictual separation, domestic violence, witnessing violence and family loss are all complex ...

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Pain is not forever

Arnaldo Pangrazzi

This book is written for those who wish to use mutual help in supporting people who are going ...

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A professional caregiver in the family

Giovanna Perucci

More and more people nowadays find themselves having to deal with elderly relatives in need of ...

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Managment for a good life

Alberto Camuri

The global crisis has highlighted the failure of the dominant managerial approach, both in the ...

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Self-help manuals and guides for dealing with the most frequent psychological problems.
Tools for acquiring emotional awareness and for overcoming fears and traumas.
Proposals for taking care of others, in particular the elderly.
Tools and games for encouraging emotional awareness and management in children and adults.
Proposals for developing mental skills connected to learning and meta-cognitive processes.