The Euro’s Safe

Mathematics with the Bortolato Analogical Method – Wall Posters

Product: Teaching tools

ISBN: 978-88-590-1809-4

Publication date: 01/01/2019

Suitable for: Primary 1st level (ages 6-7)


This new tool from the Analogical Method is a wall poster that will help children learn the concept of the euro and euro cents immediately and simply.

How does it work? A poster that becomes a tool and which substitutes the classic abacus dots with coins that make up the euro.  Each child will only  need to glance at the poster to have an idea of the correspondence between the number and the coin.  The euro’s safe also includes games in which the children simulate purchasing items, indicating the coins needed in the safe.  The guide which accompanies the poster will show the teacher and the parent the use and potential of this program that influences the future of children’s education.

What is the objective? Improve classroom didactics and real-life tasks.

Guide: Includes suggestions for the teacher and parent on how to use the poster.

Wall poster: Replaces the tens and units with cents and euro, like in everyday experience.  The children perceive the correspondence between the number and the coin instantly.

The Euro’s Safe

Learn the correspondence between numbers and coins at a glance

The Euro’s Safe introduces children to the world of counting money--not with units, tens and hundreds--but with cents and euros like in everyday experiences. This is the Analogical Method’s wager: to start the mathematical learning path in a simple and concrete way.


Wall poster to hang up in class or at home so that the children can perceive the correspondence between the number and the coin in an instant, thanks to:

  the representation of the hundred composed of cents

  the depictions of the coins for practicing how to make the first purchase

  intuitive references for fractions and percentages

  exercises for recognizing the quantity to carry out indicating the cents


Guide with instructions for teachers and parents on the uses and potential of the poster.



The poster becomes a working tool which substitutes the classic abacus dots with coins that make up the euro. Children, starting from kindergarten, can begin the path of discovery of cents with the possibility to perceive their value as concrete and real items on the poster.   The euro’s safe includes game suggestions in which children simulate making purchases by indicating the coins in the closet-safe, integrating this with the tool.  It is possible to glue real cents to the poster by using glue or adhesive, and organize a buying and selling market.  With the activities proposed with the poster, addition and subtraction are not used, instead focussing simply on quantity identification