Belma 2020

Two Erickson titles awarded at BELMA 2020


We are really proud that two Erickson titles have been awarded this year in the BELMA (Best European Learning Materials Awards) competion.

  • Paper, Scissors and Apps” received the Gold award for category 1 (the one aimed at children up to 7 years old),
  • The “Playscape” series was awarded the Special Prize by the BELMA jury.

The motivations of the BELMA jury:
Paper, Scissors and Apps” was awarded for «offering teachers a series of practical and detailed guidelines to devise “workshops” on apps for kindergarten children, using a really innovative approach to design, genuinely hands on, with age appropriate sensory experience activities». It was also praised for «providing a culturally rich range of activities and for letting the teacher and the children explore different topics together in a motivating and exciting way».
You can find the full motivation for the award to “Paper, Scissors and Apps” on BELMA’s website.

The “Playscape” series was awarded for «invoking the student’s interest straight away», through the application of the Escape Room model to didactic contents. The books from the series were also appreciated for being «lovingly designed», as well as for «using an attractive and challenging scenario inciting the learner to carry out enjoyable tasks like solving codes, puzzles, deciphering riddles».
You can find the full motivation for the award to the “Playscape” series on BELMA’s website.

A special thanks to the authors of these books and to our colleagues who worked for their release.
A special thanks also to the BELMA jury for understanding and appreciating the spirit of these editorial projects.