Maria Cristina Cutrone

Psychologist, psychotherapist, and BCBA behavior analyst, She works at the AUSL of Bologna, runs her own private office, and is a freelance professional and consultant at the Center for Tassinari learning. She deals with training in the field of autism and Specific Learning Disorders. With Erickson they have published Training Attention in Preschool Age. Games and activities from 3 to 5 years (2017) and Matching set, a card matching activity for language development (2020).

Watch out at the zoo!

Monica Muratori, Maria Cristina Cutrone

From the authors of Training attention in pre-school age, comes a cheerful and colorful notebook for ...

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Training attention in pre-school age

Maria Cristina Cutrone, Monica Muratori

Possessing both good auditory and visual attention skills, together with a certain cognitive ...

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