Dario Ianes

Professor of Didactics and Special Pedagogy at the University of Bolzano, he is one of the highest-ranking experts in inclusive teaching. Co-founder of Centro Studi Erickson, for whom he edits several series, two of which are Guides and Materials, he is the author of various articles and books on school integration and special educational needs. In addition he is the editor of the journal Learning Difficulties and Inclusive Teaching.

ICF-CY Basic Operating Profile and Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)

Dario Ianes, Sofia Cramerotti, Caterina Scapin

This book guides the reader - through numerous examples and operational cues - through the different ...

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Class management

Dario Ianes, Luigi Tuffanelli

There is much talk about education, but little about the art of teaching. How do we manage a class? ...

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What is…dyscalculia (book + DVD + CD-ROM)

Dario Ianes, Daniela Lucangeli, Irene Cristina Mammarella


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A special normality

Dario Ianes

If we want to achieve a greater school integration for children with disabilities and realize the ...

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