Atlas of Religions

Atlas of Religions

History, traditions and symbols explained to children

Religions have inspired and still inspire millions of people all around the world. For centuries they have shaped the best qualities of human beings and directed their actions to grow and prosper physically and spiritually. It is important that every person (children included) has the opportunity to know the history and culture of others as well as the different religions many men and women in the world practice. In fact, ours is not only a multicultural society, but it is also and above all a multi religious one, a place where believers of different faiths, non-believers, atheists and agnostics live together.

Atlas of religions

The volume explains, in a simple and concise way, the main characteristics of the most widespread religions in the world today, to help children in upper primary school and lower secondary school interpret a world increasingly based on interculturality and mutual respect.

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Structure of the book

Atlas of religions presents a rich selection of images and information, carefully selected by expert authors, to provide the children of today with an easy to use and exciting tool.

It takes into account seven religions:

  • Hinduism
  • Shintoism
  • Islam
  • Christianity
  • Confucianism
  • Buddhism
  • Judaism

The main characteristics of each religion are collected and explained in a simple and concise way:

Leaf through some selected pages from the book that have been translated into English to facilitate your evaluation:

The Curators

Aluisi Tosolini School manager, he taught didactics at the Catholic University of Piacenza and at the University of Parma. Member of the first commission of the Ministry of Education on Intercultural Education, he directed the magazine “AlfaZeta” and collaborated with many institutions and research centres on the themes of educational innovation in a digital and intercultural key.
Sebastiana Trovato Primary school teacher and author of several books. For many years she headed the theme of multimedia education for the magazine “Infanzia.” She dealt with didactics in primary school for the magazine “Cem Mondiali”.