Erickson has been training professional figures working in the fields of schools, education, rehabilitation of people with disabilities, social work and welfare policies for over 30 years. Due to our ever growing team of trainers, our training activities have continued in their expansion, offering a guarantee of reliability and professionalism which has always distinguished Centro Studi Erickson, which has in turn received accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research for training educational staff, from the Ministry of Health to ECM providers (Continuing Education in Medicine) and CnOAS accreditation for issuing training credits to social workers.

On-line Training

On-line training offers participants the chance to learn by using the Internet, downloading course material, watching educational videos, completing exercises and taking part in forums without any time constraints. Erickson’s online courses generally last two months (approximately 50 hours in total including study time and tests) and are exclusively asynchronous distance-based, in other words the tutor and participant  do not need to be online at the same time.

A FEW NUMBERS: over 60 online courses offered, 120 tutors involved, 3,000 training hours and 1,200 course participants.


Courses, seminars, masters’ and workshops organized on site at Centro Studi Erickson in Trento and all over Italy. Well-known experts lead intensive training sessions lasting one or more days. It is an occasion to meet new people from all over Italy, share experiences and face new challenges. Training programmes which lead to the qualification of Erickson Expert are also organized on specific topics. Training these new professionals has come about from the revelation of the growing necessity in the current school environment, which is being perceived more and more by families, schools, associations and society in general.

A FEW NUMBERS: on average more than 1,500 people participate in our on-site courses a year and over 3,000 people a year in our off-site courses.


Tailored refresher courses, workshops and conferences, held at the premises of the petitioning School or Organisation. These projects, which are based upon careful analysis of client requirements, satisfy the need for training which is being expressed by curricular staff, educators and special  needs teachers and social and health-care workers, with the aim of developing their professional skills and competently tackling the ever more complex issues emerging  from the educational and social and health-care fields they operate in.

A FEW NUMBERS: more than 150 tailored courses organised all over Italy with  over 15,000 people trained.