The Erickson catalogue contains a wide array of practical manuals, methodological guides, essays, collections of best practices and case studies, diagnostic tools, self- help manuals and narrative books.

They are well-known and well-loved publications as they combine the rigorously scientific presentation of innovative theories and methodologies with really effective practical tips.

A large section deals with remedial and special needs teaching, with particular attention placed on methodologies which can help teachers achieve true inclusion in class. An example for all is Camillo Bortolato’s analogical method for teaching mathematics: a simple, intuitive method which has enabled hundreds of thou- sands of children to naturally learn maths in nursery school and primary school.

For the psycho-social and health professions, Erickson offers evaluation tools, specific research monographs, theoretical and methodological manuals and practical books, which are essential for properly dealing with the complex context in which these professionals operate.

The catalogue also contains reading material which targets the wider public (in particular, parents), in order to help them understand and deal with personal and relationship situations from every-day life in the most psychologically correct way, such as: education, emotions, issues related to growing up and parent-child relationships etc.


The journals published by Erickson are technical and professional periodicals that keep readers constantly updated on issues for which the publisher is a national leading reference. The results  of the most important experimental research, interventions and  comments from national and international experts, legislative news,  reviews and best practices: Erickson’s journals have great practical value and are designed to be truly useful in the daily activity of all  those interested in the topics covered. Some journals are also available online: the website provides a digital archive of all the articles published, putting even more effective professional tools at the disposal of subscribers.

Teaching tools

A range of tools for optimizing children’s attention in order to promote greater involvement of pupils in class teaching and enable teachers to offer truly inclusive teaching.