The Erickson catalogue contains a variety of software, multimedia tools and apps for teaching and education. Erickson offers several materials which can also be used with IWBs (Interactive Whiteboards) and a series of digital compensatory tools (ALFa READER, hyperMAPS, Typing fast) for helping children with SLD (Specific Learning Disorders, like dyslexia and dyscalculia).

In connection with SLD Erickson offers two multimedia platforms for evaluation, remediation, development and rehabilitation: GiADA, for schools, which offers standardised tests for early diagnosis, can also be completed on a computer and which give teachers immediate feedback on how to structure their didactic intervention; ePRO, for rehabilitation professionals, which offers a vast amount of rehabilitation material to be carried out in class or at home.

In order to give even little ones a taste of technology, Erickson also offers software which has been specially created to combine the educational and recreational spheres, enabling children to develop, whilst playing, the main competences which lie at the basis of learning processes.