All you need is sport

How physical activity can help you live

Paolo Crepaz

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 14x22cm

Pages: 264

ISBN: 978-88-590-2013-4

Publication date: 01/10/2019


How would I explain to a child what happiness is? I wouldn’t tell him: I’d give him a balloon to make him play.” Dorothee Sölle

The book contains the testimonies of successful athletes, who reflect on the irreplaceable role of sport in the well-being of the person, from an educational, social, physical and psychological point of view.

A book for educators, coaches, professional sportsmen and amateurs. Sport is, in and of itself, a school of life, a game that educates on life.  It develops the ability to know and value the original beauty of each individual, the different ability of people, guaranteeing the right to participation, which is the premise of social inclusion.

With texts by Alessio Albertini, Lucia Castelli, Andrea Ceciliani, Paolo Crepaz, Luca Grion, Giuseppe Milan, Serafino Rossini, Santo Rullo, Francisco Sebok and Giuseppe Vercelli and interviews with Antonella Bellutti, Tamara Lunger, Jack Sintini and Damiano Tommasi.

  • Introduction ( Bizzotto)

  • Premise ( Crepaz)

FIRST PART - The words of witnesses

  • Strength and courage ( Sintini)

  • Life is like riding a bicycle ( Bellutti)

  • Me, the eight thousand, and happiness ( Lunger)

  • Not only football... ( Tommasi)

SECOND PART - The words of experts

  • The secret of happiness? Run, hug and eat well ( Crepaz)

  • The psychology of sports, for sports ( Vercelli)

  • The sport that teaches ( Albertini)

  • Sport and happiness. A philosophy for responsible agonists ( Grion)

  • Education through sport in an intercultural perspective ( Milan)

  • Women in agonism and basic sport: an obstacle race against prejudice ( Castelli)

  • The pleasure of playing, the pleasure of getting involved ( Ceciliani)

  • Body expression and creativity ( Rossini)

  • When sport is therapy ( Rullo)

  • Sport and happiness in the peripheries of the world: the Brazil case ( Sebok)


  • Bibliography and suggested readings

  • The authors