Managment for a good life

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Trim size in cm: 17x24

Pages: 174

ISBN: 978-88-590-0856-9

Publication date: 01/05/2015


The global crisis has highlighted the failure of the dominant managerial approach, both in the for-profit and voluntary sector. Alberto Camuri, a manager who has had a long career filling significant roles in multinational companies, vigorously challenges the managerial model which is centred solely on performance, conscious that an exclusively performance- based approach, which neglects and fails to value relational aspects, can also produce results, but only in the short term. We need to harmonise our attention on people and performances, on all the stakeholders, in the short and the long term. This is a transition which is not only beneficial to individuals but also to the development of the economy. The «good life manager» described in this book is able to alternate his attentions and his resources with the necessary modesty, is capable of listening and facilitating relationships, maintaining behaviour geared towards a genuine relational approach, exerting power as responsibility; watching, listening (and helping others watch and listen) in order to find answers which give greater sense to his work and that of others. The book, which has a solid theoretical base and is enriched with meaningful accounts from other «good life managers» shows how we can not only think about but also practice a «humanistic» economy at many levels, under the leadership of intelligent managers, where moderation and moral sense remain the driving values.

Presentation (F. Folgheraiter)

CHAP. 1 The great crisis: an opportunity for second thoughts
Inside the vortex
Discomforting data
Can we get out of the vortex?
The opportunity

CHAP. 2 Where we come from
Classical Management Theories
Neoclassical Management Theories
Modern Management Theories

CHAP. 3 Where we are

Challenges in 21st century management
A journey in managerial wisdom

CHAP. 4 Relational management. From performance management to good life management
The good life manager
Watching, listening…
Alternating your role between manager, leader, coach and facilitator
Behaviour inspired by a relational approach

CHAP. 5 Accounts
The courage to have courage. Simone Fraschini
The balance between economic value and social value. Francesco Allemano
Generating profits for the community is possible. Umberto Zandrini
Numbers count… But people count more. Oddone Pozzi
Well-being and the good life. Luciano Ballabio