SLD at play

A fun tool for reflecting on learning disorders and on the emotions of children with SLDs

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 21x29,7

Pages: 84 + Poster + 6 colourful worksheets

ISBN: 978-88-590-0707-4

Publication date: 01/11/2014

Suitable for: Primary 2nd level (ages 8-10), Lower secondary 1st level (ages 10-11), Lower secondary 2nd level (ages 12-13)


SLD at play offers a developmental experience capable of changing the beliefs and dysfunctional thoughts which often characterise children with a Specific Learning Disorder (SLD). It frequently happens, in fact, that a SLD, in addition to objective difficulties in reading, writing, calculation and/or motor skills, brings with it a series of implications on an emotional, motivational and identity level. In the face of repeated failures children with a SLD become quickly demoralised, lose motivation and show defeatist behaviour towards learning, developing a conviction that they are no good, until they identify themselves entirely with their difficulties.

So it was on these aspects that SLD at play – following a recreational but thorough approach, based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy – was designed to work, and using it children/youths with SLDs can:
• be mentored and supported during diagnosis and during the rehabilitation programme;
• gain awareness of their disorder, its effects and the resources available to them in order to minimise these effects;
• recognise their own strengths and use them as a springboard towards improved development of their person;
• share their experiences, learning to distinguish thoughts, emotions and behaviour;
• develop effective problem solving strategies, useful for facing problematic situations related to the disorder;
• learn to take on a more active role in learning and more generally in dealing with their difficulties in daily life.
The game can be played both individually and as groups and is designed for children and youths aged 8 to 14.
The book comes with “The Octopus Game“, with a poster, stickers and other colour material needed to play the game.

Preface (Luigi Marotta)
CHAP. 1 – Definition of SLDs
CHAP. 2 – Creating the tool and experimental phases
CHAP. 3 – The Octopus Game
APPENDIX 1 – Example answers to the game prerequisites
APPENDIX 2 - Example answers to the game questions
APPENDIX 3 – Examples of simplifying questions
APPENDIX 4 - Materials