Our child is autistic

Practical guide for parents after diagnosis

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 14x22

Pages: 146 colorful pages

ISBN: 978-88-590-1108-8

Publication date: 01/03/2016


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You have just left the neuropsychiatrist’s office. Everyone says he’s really good. You’re with Luigi, your second child. Your paediatrician suggested you come because Luigi is a «strange» child. He’s still not talking at the age of 3 and he spends all his time alone. Even at nursery school he doesn’t play with his classmates and tends to stay on his own, isolating himself. His teachers are worried. Now the doctor has confirmed your fears with his diagnosis: «He’s on the autism spectrum». So many parents have already been through this and they have felt what you are feeling now, mum and dad.
Many of them are desperate and seeing no future prospects continue to wonder: «Why me?».
Others have trouble understanding and look for information on the Internet or from one of their doctor friends. Not all of them are ready to accept something that seems too challenging of a situation for them and instead, embark on a sort of pilgrimage that will take them to hundreds of specialists, hoping in their hearts to find the one who will change that much-dreaded diagnosis. You mustn’t worry if this is happening to you too. These reactions are totally normal, the great majority of people who find themselves, just like you, facing a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, feel this way.
But this is just the start of a long journey.
This book attempts to make you feel less alone and to answer the myriad of questions that a parent generally asks after receiving a diagnosis of autism for their child, suggesting the best treatment programmes on offer.

- Autism spectrum Disorder
- Autism in the family
- What kind of help should you choose?
- Therapy
- The diagnosis was late
- New frontiers and perspectives
- Conclusions
- Autism: 10 myths