Can’t you see me dad?

A story about magic and wizards

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 14x22

Pages: 96 colorful pages + audio CD

ISBN: 978-88-6137-633-5

Publication date: 01/05/2010


CarloRoberto is a sweet and sensitive child, who wants to become an astronaut, loves drawing, but hates math. Because of his bad grades in math, his dad—although he is often away–always finds the time to scold him. On the first week of June—when school ends and both CarloRoberto’s birthday and his parents’ wedding anniversary are coming up—daddy has to leave for London. Mom, who really cares a lot about these celebrations, gets really mad. While parents call, cry and scream at each other, CarloRoberto feels completely ignored and dreams that he has become invisible. One day he steps into the washing machine and … disappears! What is going to happen now? Now that he has disappeared, will his parents finally pay attention to him?
A fairy tale for children who feel invisible and for parents who sometimes forget to wear the special glasses that make their kids visible to them.
The book includes an audio cd of the fairy tale and some educational suggestions.

- To start
- I introduce myself
- Me at school
- Punishments
- My dad
- My mum
- Break
- The first week of june
- «Go away, you are little»
- Long faces
- Birthday party
- Party at the end of the school
- Feel like crying
- «You can’t understand»
- Me and Sirio
- In the washing machine basket
- They all talk about me
- Am I really invisible?
- Come back dad. A billion questions
- The letter.  The heart like a feather
- All is well that ends well