Brave pants

Stories for children who don’t get discouraged

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 14x22

Pages: 104 colourful pages

ISBN: 978-88-6137-341-9

Publication date: 01/11/2008


“Enough! I can’t take Ambrogio’s pooh and pee any longer ! I don’t want to live as a prisoner in the slacks of a pants-shitter or in a drawer waiting for a bed-wetter to wear me again!”
This is how “the brave pants stories” begin. They talk about some funny and extraordinary characters who find the strength to act and change their lives; they overcome hard times and they look for freedom and justice. Some pants are tired of their jobs and want to become an electric bulb like Jolanda, the pair of white briefs who is exasperated by her sister’s teases. Various items of lingerie are frustrated because they get no recognition from celestial pants. Robin-Jock wants to get into politics to defend the poor. Ultra-pants rebel against humans and their bad habits, and to help them all …there is Underwear Fairy…
Inventive, funny and sensitive, these stories teach children how to find a way out of the big or small unpleasant situations that happen in life—it just takes a little courage, the capacity to ask for help … and a sense of humor, of course!

- Foreword (Fernando Rotondo)
- What goes around comes around
- Little pants grow up
- Ercolino’s effort
- Mutandonio! Mutandonio! Mutandonio!
- The invasion of Ultra-pants
- Attilio’s rules
- Porks with fins