Time for homework

How to encourage positive attitudes, motivation and autonomy in your children

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 14x22

Pages: 133

ISBN: 978-88-590-0650-3

Publication date: 01/09/2014


Do your children seem uninterested in what they do at school and not care about their homework? do they put studying off till the last minute or feel unable to keep up? Or maybe they have emotional issues and expresses refusal, anger or anxiety?

Are your children unable to start, progress, plan or organise without you?  Maybe they don’t know how to study properly or they adopt time wasting, ineffective methods. Do their teachers talk about «problems with methods»? Or maybe it is you as parents who are excessively worried?
Whether your child’s difficulties are related to motivation, independence or methods, this book offers targeted, specific solutions, with the aim of identifying strategies, which, in a given context and situation work well, so that they can then be implemented and tested for effectiveness.

Doing homework is such a crucial moment of schooling that it cannot be ignored; this book intends to provide parents and their children with practical suggestions and points for reflection on effective studying, concentrating initially on motivational aspects, then moving on to strategic aspects, connected to planning and learning techniques.

Time for homework, rich in illustrated practical ideas and metacognitive exercises designed for children and teens, will help parents encourage and consolidate their children’s:
• self-regulation and independence in carrying out homework
• motivation to learn
• acquisition of a successful learning strategy.


Presentation  (Cesare Cornoldi)

- Where do we start?
- Motivate to do homework
- Emotions and homework
- Promoting autonomy
- Organizations
- Sustaining learning strategies

Appendix: Useful learning tools (for students)