The wait

The emotional journey of pregnancy

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 14x22cm

Pages: 112

ISBN: 978-88-590-2058-5

Publication date: 01/11/2019


The diary of a woman who speaks of the emotions which accompanied her during her nine months of pregnancy.
A path of emotional reflection for women who are about to be, already are or would like to become mothers. A journal which should always be kept at hand, a notebook with whom you can share your every thought at any moment.
The book is part of the new series «Transitions – Narratives for personal growth», devoted to a series of psychological topics. Each volume is divided into 3 parts:
– a story;
– a self-help manual, with a brief introduction on the psychological topic dealt with in the story and food for thought for the reader;
– a blank notebook, for the reader’s own thoughts.

I can’t stand it. I grab everything and run into the bathroom to do the test that will tell me what I already seem to know. I’ve never done a pregnancy test before. It’s my first time.
Ok, now I have to wait a minute…the longest minute of my life. I told myself; don’t think about anything. Just wait. I concentrate on my breathing, I can feel the air enter and leave my body, my head is spinning and I’m sitting down but I feel as if I am suspended in mid-air. What an idiot – I didn’t even check my watch to see when the minute of waiting started. Is it already over? What if I look too soon? And if I wait too long and the effect disappears? No, I can’t wait any longer. I have to look.
And there, inside that little white box, are two little pink lines. One of those lines is you.

First part - Thinking
– Pregnancy’s emotional path

Second part - Narrating
– March (No more cold; Conceive life)
– April (Awakenings – Realize that there is life; The test moment)
– May (I was a daughter, I’m going to be a mother; Ultrasound)
– June (Out of school; My body is changing)
– July (You are not here and yet is all depending on you; A son’s first movements)
– August (Water and salt; Worrying about your health)
– September (First day of school; Arrange the nursery)
– October (Autumn’s colors; Become a parental couple)
– November (Fog and cold; It’s happening; Come into the world)

Third part - Self-narrating
– A self-exploration path