Parents and grandparents: allies or rivals?

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 14x22

Pages: 286

ISBN: 978-88-590-0667-1

Publication date: 01/10/2014


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The arrival of a new generation in the family brings about changes in roles and relationships which are often overlooked. Although it is generally true that old and young parents no longer live under the same roof, social changes have rendered their relation more complex from many points of view. What’s the best way to handle it? This book provides a number of ideas, presented with genuine sincerity and with a touch of humour, which help to:

  • Define and respect reciprocal roles, without clutching to those of the past;
  • Accept your limits and deal with fear;
  • Discover how to avoid jealousy and rivalry and increase gratification and alliance;
  • Make good use of verbal and written communication in order to multiply the little and great pleasures offered by relationships between different generations.

Written for parents, grandparents and family relationship consultants, this book is divided into 10 “episodes” in which the author analyzes her own and other people’s experiences. Each episodes ends with a kind of memo – seven “ecological” ideas on the principal dynamics in parent-grandparent relationships and on resources to be used in order to prevent useless rivalry and cultivate prosperous alliances.

An engaging book which every young parent should give to grandparents and viceversa!

Premise: Why talk about relationships between parents and grandparents?

1: The announcement: we are expecting a baby! You're going to become grandparents!
2: My son has become a dad… my daughter has become a mum  …
3: The brood gets bigger: other children and grandchildren on their way
4: A thousand ways to love each other, a thousand ways to hate each other
5: Quarrels and territory wars between generations
6: Family celebrations - joys, tensions and dilemmas over gifts
7: Parents and grandparents of adolescents: what changes?
8: Send me an e-mail! Communication between generations in the age of the technological revolution
9: We are getting a divorce
10: You can't control the weather! And the family climate?
Invitation: It's not the end, rather an on-going dialogue…